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Top GM Engineer Honored Alongside Kim Kardashian And Other Hollywood Elite

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Pam Fletcher, GM's executive chief engineer for autonomous and electrified vehicles, was named to Create + Cultivate's list of top 100 women in business for 2018.

General Motors Trademarks Tribute Name, But What For?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Remember the Tribute? It was Mazda’s SUV and a twin to the Ford Escape/Maverick that was in production from 2000 to 2011. Now, though, the name has been trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by General Motors, according to AutoGuide. GM’s move comes six years after Mazda lost the rights to use the moniker, and it can used on “motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, engines therefore and structural parts thereof”, the publication reveals.

Volkswagen says it’s Going to Build a Convertible Crossover

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If there’s one thing automakers love to do, it’s chase trends.  So even though Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet sales never really took off, Land Rover now sells the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

This 800-Horsepower Yenko/SC Silverado Is the Performance Pickup Chevy Is Scared to Make

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Pop quiz, hotshot: What's the quickest way to haul a few thousand pounds? Let's review the options, because against all odds, on the eve of the electric car revolution, the limited-edition performance pickup truck market is somehow expanding.

2018 Yenko/SC Chevrolet Silverado By SVE Puts Out An Insane 800HP!

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - There really is no such thing as too much power, even for big trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado. This is the 2018 Yenko/SC Supercharged Silverado, created by Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) as a nod to the legendary Yenko Camaros and Corvettes.

Geely chair Daimler's biggest solo shareholder (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Geely chair Daimler's biggest solo shareholder, Senators seek Daimler probe; Cashing in on car's data; VW's '18 outlook; Buick Envision gets family makeover; Mustang painted-pony promo.

2018 Buick Regal GS First Drive: Buick Adds Some Muscle to Its Sportback

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Fifty-three years ago, Buick introduced the Riviera and Skylark Gran Sports to the world, packing big Nailhead V-8s and more style than just about anything else General Motors built at the time. By 1970, the zenith of the muscle-car era, the 455-cubic-inch GSX, wearing a wild stripe package and a distinctly un-Buick-like rear spoiler, was running quarter-miles deep in the 13s.