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2019 Bentley Continental GT First Drive Review: The New Bentley Is Almost Perfect. Almost.

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Such is my life that on an otherwise humdrum Tuesday in May, while former Porsche performance design genius Wolfgang Hatz rots in a German jail, federal indictments hound Volkswagen’s ex-geschaftsführer Martin Winterkorn, and the future of the United States smolders in the darkening shadow of our National Orange Disgrace, that I find myself jerking a Bentley Continental GT up a series of switchbacks in the fir-covered Italian Alps. It is here, in an interior of wood veneer and leather sewn together by 310,675 stitches, that all of the agony in the world—the above mentioned calamities, but also Flint’s toxic water, the killing in Palestine, the lava-destroyed Ford Mustangs in Hawaii—it all recedes to a single gripe that consumes me until we stop for a five-star lunch somewhere high up in the green pine mountains: the filthy smudge of fingerprints on the piano-black dashboard of the new 2019 Bentley Continental GT.

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