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XT5 Much More Than Utilitarian Hauler

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Test Drive On sale in April, the 5-passenger CUV benefits from softer edges in the sheet metal, an excellent 3.6L V-6, sophisticated all-wheel drive and aggressive mass reduction. Inside, the XT5 is ergonomically sound and isn’t trying too hard to be flashy.

New High-tech Visual Technologies for Opel Design Center

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel is continuing to invest in its design capacities. The Design Center of the Rüsselsheim headquarters will be extended for €11 million. Ultra-modern visual and communication technologies will allow even better and more effective work once it is completed in June 2017.

New Porsche 911R Vs Corvette Grand Sport: Which One Grinds Your Gears Best?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - This year’s Geneva show was just magic; Porsche broke the mold by releasing the purest iteration of the 911 in decades, while GM just went nuts and revealed a cheaper Corvette Z06, minus the supercharger.

Tesla isn't disrupting anything

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If there's one word that's routinely used when talking about Tesla, it's "disruption. "The message is that the advent of a relatively successful (if not yet profitable) all-electric car company means that the balance of power in transportation will decisively shift.

GM says shareholder groups need 3% stake to nominate directors

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM said shareholders or shareholder groups will now be allowed to nominate directors for the board in the company's annual proxy statement, but they will need to hold at least 3 percent of the automakers' shares for at least three years.