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The Opel GT is the concept General Motors should build for the US

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We curate the week's events with a focus on the Opel GT that's set to star at the Geneva Motor Show. General Motors should double-down on performance cars and build the Opel GT concept that's set to debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show. Better yet, sell it in the United States as the Chevy GT. Consumers are showing a thirst for performance cars not seen in decades. Ford has them coming in waves, with everything from the F-150 Raptor to a hotted-up Fusion. FCA US is unrepentantly building loads of Hellcats. GM should respond.

2017 Ford Super Duty: Extreme Testing at Plant

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The all-new aluminum-bodied 2017 Ford Super Duty is slated to debut in dealerships in early fall but if engineers have their way, this will be the most thoroughly tested and quietest Ford Super Duty ever produced. Ford has been conducting vehicle tests with mobile temperature and terrain simulators; one was sent to the Kentucky Truck Plant where the Super Duty has been in production since 1999.

Interview: Chevrolet’s Camaro Chief on Track Simulation Models, Mustang Rivalry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Al Oppenheiser serves as General Motors’ chief engineer for global rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and he’s been having a very good year. We ranked him fourth in our annual Power List, and we named his freshly minted Camaro our Car of the Year, proclaiming that it had graduated from the perpetual ponycar wars and was ready to take on Bavaria’s best.