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2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Sees MSRP Increase

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Stop by your local Chevrolet dealership for a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe you’ll be asked to fork over $48,195 (including a $1,195 destination charge), an increase of $700 over the freshly redesigned 2015 model. Those hungry for the LTZ model will also have to shell out extra cash.

FCA, UAW Reach Tentative Contract

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After a marathon push meant to avert a possible confrontation, Fiat Chrysler reached a tentative agreement with the UAW that is expected to become a template for contracts with the General Motors and Ford Motor Co., as well.

Triple-Charged, LSA-Swapped Buick Grand National Will Anger The Purists

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - An LS-swap happens every day. But a triple-charged LSA engine shoehorned into a Buick Regal Grand National? Hold the phone. We, too, were slightly perplexed at the notion someone could take it upon themselves to de-bone one of the most famous Buicks of all time (the GNX and/or Y-Job might take the cake), we quickly realized the owner of this particular 1987 Grand National poured an excessive amount of cash and love into the car.

UAW president: Agreement with GM, Ford won't be reached this week

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The United Auto Workers union and Fiat Chrysler have reached a tentative deal on a new contract for about 40,000 U.S. factory workers that will serve as a template for pacts with General Motors and Ford.

Frankfurt show: Opel boss talks up Aussie Astra, Insignia

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel Group CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has singled out the Astra small car and Insignia mid-sizer as key models for GM Holden’s future as the Australian brand prepares to end local production of the Cruze and Commodore in 2017 and moves to a full-import operation.

Frankfurt show: End of line for Holden V8 sedans

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The General Motors executive who took responsibility for pulling the trigger on Holden’s doomed manufacturing operations in Australia now has V8 sedans in his crosshairs. President of GM International – the division that includes Australia’s GM Holden – Stefan Jacoby told journalists at the Frankfurt motor show today that GM would not include a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive alternative in the Holden large sedan range once the final locally made Commodore, the just-revealed VF Series II, reached the end of production in 2017.

The Vauxhall Viva Makes Life Easy With City Mode Power Steering: Ad Break

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The commercial aims to emphasize the convenience of City Mode Power Steering. With the push of a button, turning the steering wheel at low speeds becomes significantly easier, making for a less tiring ride through the bustling city streets in Europe. It’s sort of like a very water-downed version of the Driver Mode Control feature that you’ll find in the new Cadillac CTS and ATS models.