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This university offers money and discount tuition to some GM workers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Davenport University is offering scholarship money and a discount to those GM workers who are directly impacted by the Michigan plant closures.       

Tesla VS. GM: Battle Of The Battery & Electronics Cooling Systems

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Tesla’s system is more complicated but adds flexibility, more operating modes and failure back up We just shared another good video from Weber Auto and John Kelly detailing the Chevrolet Bolt EV cooling systems. Tesla, like GM, has two main cooling loops: one for the battery and one for the high voltage power electronics.

2019 BMW 3 Series First Drive: Bimmer's Iconic Sport Sedan Is No Longer Coasting on Its Reputation

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Knives out, car fans: BMW has an all-new 3 Series. It’s the sedan that’s taken more brickbats from loyalists and automotive journalists than any enthusiast car you can name.

Preview: how faster cars will shake up Formula E

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The fifth season of Formula E starts this weekend in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – but it really marks a new beginning for the electric single-seater championship. That’s due to the arrival of the new Gen2 race car, which is more powerful and features a larger battery, increasing speeds and allowing cars to complete an entire race without pitstops.

An analyst explains the greatest risks to UK airlines if a Brexit deal falls apart

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, will likely have a major effect on airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The UK and the EU may be able to strike a deal ahead of Brexit to preserve existing aviation agreements with a transitional period to negotiate new ones.

Our best times behind the wheel of a Lotus

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - "Simplify, and add lightness" and "lots of trouble, usually serious" are two phrases associated with sports car manufacturer Lotus which, though juxtaposed in their meaning, stand as a metaphor for the mixed bag of creations that have left the company's Norfolk factory over the last 70 years.   Despite the propensity of most Lotus cars to provide an exhilarating and satisfying driving experience, the company has often been plagued by issues relating to build quality and reliability, which has, on occasion tarnished its reputation.