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Texas Police Reveal 'Coptimus Prime' Corvette Seized From Drug Dealer

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It’s not just the police departments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai that have exotic sports cars in their inventory as the New Braunfels Police Department in Texas also has a rather impressive Chevrolet Corvette at its disposal.

General Motors Paves Future: Chevy Bolt, Cruise Automation, Maven, And Lyft

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors says it’s all set with the building blocks for a future of mobility. Like all automakers, GM spends a vast majority of its time and money designing and manufacturing cars.

5 Quotes From Mary Barra on GM's Role in the Auto Industry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors CEO Mary Barra has led the automaker since 2014, and in that relatively short period of time, she's put her stamp on the way that the century-old vehicle manufacturer does business. With the pace of innovation and globalization still accelerating, GM has had to adapt quickly, and Barra has done a good job of leading the automaker forward to help produce record sales years for the industry. In particular, these five things that Barra has said reveal a lot about the future direction for General Motors and the auto industry, as a whole.

Tesla’s former Autopilot head is launching a self-driving-car company — and it could have a big advantage

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It's not particularly shocking to see a new startup pop up at this point in the lucrative race to develop self-driving-car tech. But it is noteworthy to see one that boasts the star engineers behind Google's and Tesla's respective projects as its leaders.

World's First Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre Opens in Toronto

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A one-stop-shop where consumers can explore and test-drive the latest EV models including the BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Ford C-Max Energi and Nissan LEAF. Learn about Plug'n Drive’s initiative right here.