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This Modified 240HP 3.8-Litre Chevy Impala Can Actually Corner

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you think there’s nothing much you can do with a bog-standard vehicle, then you should take a look at this 2002 Chevy Impala and how decently it performs in the corners.

Lyft says self-driving cars won't replace drivers' jobs, but they might make carpooling awkward

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Imagine hailing a Lyft car through the app and a driverless car comes to pick you up. Now imagine it picks up another passenger, and then a third, all of them strangers.

We Join An Australian Supercar Cruise In Wintry Motoring Bliss

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For many rev heads, the weekend represents that blissful moment in the week where you can take your pride and joy out for a drive, free of any pressures. Rain, hail or shine, a leisurely Sunday afternoon cruise can be the perfect way to wrap up the week and for Melbourne's Otium Club latest drive day, it was just that.

Plug In America Opposing California Bill Limiting HOV Stickers on All-Electric Vehicles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Plug In America has been opposing a California legislative bill that values plug-in hybrids but limits incentives on purchasing all-electric vehicles. The electric car advocacy group has been encouraging its members and the public to oppose Assembly Bill 1964, which is expected to be voted on before the legislative session ends on August 31.

The Second-Gen GMC Acadia Is Held Together With Glue In Order To Save Weight

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM’s new Acadia is an improvement over the outgoing model (which is still on sale), offering an up-to-date engine line-up, improved tech, and less weight.

2017 Kia Sportage EX AWD Update 1: A Deal-Breaker?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We can’t all be mpg stars. That’s the unfortunate reality with our long-term 2017 Kia Sportage EX AWD, a compact crossover equipped with all-wheel drive and fuel economy that underdelivers.