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GM's Andrew Smith: Autonomous cars already influencing interior design

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM's design staff is already thinking about how the interior of cars and light trucks will change when autonomous driving technology takes hold, the executive director of global Cadillac design says.

GM Delivers Ultimate Personal Mobility Experiences

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM started the connected car revolution 20 years ago with the launch of OnStar and continues to deliver innovative solutions at a scale unmatched by anyone in the industry. OnStar is the enabler for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Opel and Vauxhall to introduce new technology features across a broad range of drivers. Today, the blue button brand delivers services in four continents, 18 countries, 10 languages and 13 time zones, with more than a billion customer interactions.

Renegade Steer Clear: Chevy Revives Cavalier Nameplate

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Americans of the 1980s were forced to contend with GM’s J-platform cars. While Cadillac’s Cimarron slouches most memorably due to its tarring and feathering of the venerable wreath and crest, and Oldsmobile’s Firenza is perhaps the most-often forgotten, Chevy’s once thick-on-the-ground Cavalier is the model we showed up today to discuss.

GM's Andrew Smith says autonomous cars are already influencing interior designs

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Andrew Smith, executive director of global Cadillac design, said today GM's design staff is already thinking about how the interior will change if the car drives itself.

2016 Cadillac CT6 first drive review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is on a quest. It wants to be the next Benz, the new BMW, the up and coming Audi. It has some truly excellent cars that put it in contention, with the compact ATS and the mid-size CTS. Now it wants some of the full-size respect that gets heaped on the S-Class, the 7-Series, and the A8.

GM seeks to grow EVs, adds to lineup of 40-mpg cars

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Consumer acceptance of EVs is a challenge amid low gas prices. That being said, General Motors said it remains committed to bringing alternative propulsion vehicles to market and growing consumer acceptance of electric vehicles, even as it doesn’t expect to reach its goal to have half a million electrified vehicles on U.S. roads by next year.

GM’s Factory Shuffle Could Point to Big Electric Car Plans

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Something electric could be brewing at General Motors, and we’re not talking about just the Chevrolet Bolt. John Rosevear at the Motley Fool has an interesting take on what the future holds for Orion Assembly (the Michigan facility tapped to produce the Bolt this fall), and why GM seems to be keeping other models away from the plant.