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2015 Cadillac CTS VSport

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Cadillac has changed a lot during the past decade and a half. Once considered the brand that old folks would buy for their comfort and plushness, Cadillac has grown into a real competitor for the Germans. To see how the brand became a threat, all you need to do look at the CTS.

The Coolest Cars of the New Petersen Automotive Museum

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After a 14-month, multi-million dollar redesign that included shrouding the exterior with ribbons of stainless steel and rebuilding 95,000 square feet of exhibition space inside, L.A.’s famed Petersen Automotive Museum has reopened its doors to reveal a breathtaking new collection of cars and motorcycles.

Opinion: American cars aren't as desirable as they used to be

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cars from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler look "too American" to appeal worldwide. I can explain. Sitting alongside GM’s ‘brawn in the USA’ beasts at the LA Test Fest were, for example, the Volvo XC90 plus all-new versions of the Mazda MX-5 and Toyota Prius. Conversely, the GM-Cadillac-Chevrolet rivals they’re competing with for World Car honours not only looked unmistakably American, but felt, smelt and shouted American, too.

2016 Cadillac Escalade Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac’s 2016 Escalade SUV offers everything a family requires, including room for up to eight people, an 8,300-pound tow rating and a plethora of safety features. Wrapped in one of the most elegant and feature-rich interiors ever put in an SUV, the 2016 Escalade practically sells itself.

Cadillac CTS-V takes road to excess

Posted By Charlie on Articles - When I was a wee motorhead, my buddy Tommy Miller and I would draw pictures of freakish auto mutants: Formula 1 cars with eight wheels, sports car catamarans, sedans with jet engines. You know, kind of what Cadillac has done with the Corvette-powered CTS-V.

Not Quite Lazarus, Not Quite Not Lazarus: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Not Necessarily Dead

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When Infiniti unveiled the GT-R–powered Q50 Eau Rouge concept at Detroit in 2014, performance fanfolk yawped forth with a “High holy yes!” Then HMIC Johan de Nysschen departed for Cadillac, the idea lingered a moment on life support, and was summarily declared dead.