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Caddys of Conquest: Book by Cadillac Subscription Service Expands to Dallas and L.A.

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A program that offers Caddys without commitment has expanded to the Dallas and Los Angeles areas, effective today (Monday, November 13). Book by Cadillac, a mobile-app-based subscription service that lets members swap the General Motors luxury cars for a monthly fee, launched in New York last February, and there have since been more than 7000 people on a waiting list for the program, Melody Lee, global director for Book by Cadillac, told Car and Driver.

Book by Cadillac Car Subscription Service Expands to Los Angeles and Dallas

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After a successful debut in New York City, the "Book by Cadillac" car subscription service is expanding to Los Angeles and Dallas. The service gives users access to a fleet of Cadillacs for a flat monthly fee.

Cadillac expanding Book car subscription service

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is expanding its pilot vehicle subscription service in New York and launching the program in two other major cities as the GM luxury brand seeks to attract younger customers with an alternative to traditional car ownership.

BOOK by Cadillac Luxury Vehicle Subscription Service to Be Introduced in Los Angeles and Dallas

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Cadillac today announced the next four designers participating in Retail Lab, a mentorship program which provides fashion designers a real-world education in retail, including a rotating physical retail space at Cadillac House. The 2018 Retail Lab shops, which will operate for three months each, are Title of Work, Dannijo, Rosetta Getty and Rachel Zoe.

Chevy should follow Cadillac and go after Tesla

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevy appears to be doing little to nothing to attract the hundreds of thousands of consumers who could wait years for a Tesla Model 3 into a Chevrolet Bolt EV -- an actual all-electric car not from "manufacturing Hell."

Cadillac's CTS-V is a high-end hooligan that doubles as a daily driver

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac's CTS-V is a mild-mannered monster, a Clark Kent of a car that transforms from milquetoast sedan to high-horsepower track master. At $85,000, compared to cars with similar characteristics, it's actually a bargain.

This Beautiful Tucker 48 Is Really a Carbon-Fiber Replica—With a 550-HP, Twin-Turbo V-8

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Of all the things you expect to find at SEMA, a flawless Tucker 48 is definitely not on the list. But then again, with its steel and carbon fiber body panels, twin-turbo Cadillac V-8 engine, and full air suspension, this is no ordinary million-dollar Tucker—if such a thing can even be said.