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Chevrolet is Returning to Australia in 2018

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet is a household name in most of the world where cars are sold, but did you know a new Chevrolet hasn’t been sold in Australia since the 1980s? However, GM’s presence never left the land down under with Holden serving as its volume brand in that region for many years.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox AWD

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is part of the automaker’s effort to provide smaller but more powerful engines to get better fuel economy. In the case of the Equinox, that meant it was powered by a direct injected 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, there was 170 horsepower and 203 pound-feet of torque moving the Equinox on the streets here.

Chevrolet Partners With Operation Homefront to Honor Caregivers at 118th Army-Navy Game

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For the eighth year in a row Chevrolet was proud to serve as the official vehicle of the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA.

The Crew 2 Release Pushed to Mid-2018

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Those waiting to indulge in some multifaceted racing with The Crew 2 will have to wait a little bit longer. In a blog post by publisher Ubisoft, the upcoming racing game's original release date of March 16, 2018 has been pushed back to sometime in "the first half of our next fiscal year."

Bolt EV Software Version 14.4.2 Fixes Android Auto Screen Issue

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Since February 2017, I enjoy driving my Bolt EV. One feature that is missing is GM’s over-the-air updates. My Bolt EV’s VIN indicates it was built before February 6, 2017. At the time, the software version was 13.4.0. Last April, I had it updated to version 14.1.0. I was disappointed at the time because Android Auto was still showing two black zones besides the map display on the central screen. I never used Android Auto map because it was terrible.

Chevrolet Bolt Ev 2018 Video Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When you gaze into the automotive crystal ball you’ll see the continued rapid transition away from the internal combustion engine to electrically driven vehicles, most likely self-driving ones. Leading the way are cars like this; the Chevy Bolt can go nearly 240 miles on a single charge removing yet another Obstacle to An EV purchase. When it went on sale a year ago, Chevy hailed it as the first affordable long-range electric car.

Engineers had a fun code name for the new Corvette ZR1's LT5 engine

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet's new Corvette ZR1 bowed with an incredible 755 horsepower and 715 pound-feet of torque last month with a noteworthy engine under the car's shaker hood: a 6.2-liter supercharged LT5 V8 engine. Like most awesome projects, the new LT5 engine had a special code name to ensure others didn't know what exactly was in the works.

Watch This 1,000-HP Camaro ZL1 Set Its Brakes on Fire With a Righteous Burnout

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The automotive world may be abuzz with talk of the upcoming 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, but that spotlight shouldn't outshine the the offerings from the General's other storied sports car nameplate. The 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE is one of the most extreme cars the automaker has put out in a long time, and as this flaming burnout video shows, the "regular" old Camaro ZL1 is still a tire-shredding beast in its own right.

2018 Chevrolet City Express Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The 2018 Chevrolet City Express offers the compact size and good fuel economy required of a small, nimble urban-delivery vehicle. The City Express isn’t really a GM product but instead a rebadged Nissan NV200, an added bonus for those who still think foreign products are more reliable than their domestic counterparts.