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Chevy trims Malibu menu for easier ordering

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet executives believe a new, simplified approach to trim levels and option packages on the 2016 Malibu will pave the way for a smooth launch and, ultimately, stronger sales. For the redesigned sedan that began shipping this month, General Motors streamlined the number of available combinations of trims, engine choices, feature packages and safety bundles to 22, down from more than 150 on the outgoing Malibu. And GM is steering dealers toward just four of those for the vast majority of their orders, emphasizing the ones that are most popular and sell fastest.

Spied: Hyundai Prius-Fighter Shows off More of its Interior

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Toyota Prius will soon have a competitor from Korea and rumors suggest it’ll be called the Hyundai Ioniq. Rumors of Hyundai’s new dedicated hybrid has been swirling for a while now, but this new batch of spy photos suggests the Ioniq is pretty close to entering the ring against the Prius, Chevrolet Volt, and other mainstream hybrids.

Opinion: American cars aren't as desirable as they used to be

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cars from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler look "too American" to appeal worldwide. I can explain. Sitting alongside GM’s ‘brawn in the USA’ beasts at the LA Test Fest were, for example, the Volvo XC90 plus all-new versions of the Mazda MX-5 and Toyota Prius. Conversely, the GM-Cadillac-Chevrolet rivals they’re competing with for World Car honours not only looked unmistakably American, but felt, smelt and shouted American, too.

German police Corvette promotes safe aftermarket tuning

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The German organization Tune It! Safe! promotes safe, legal vehicle tuning in the country, and it probably doesn't have to worry about anyone breaking the law when this Polizei-themed Chevrolet Corvette is on the scene. The Vette is on display at the Essen Motor Show and is the group's latest police-wrapped tuner car, following models like the Brabus Rocket, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW 123d in years past.

Comparison Tests: Subcompact SUV Challenge

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - One of the hottest segments in the automotive world right now is subcompact crossover utility. And there has been a sea of new competitors rolling in over the last year. So of course we decided to pit all of these new rides against one another to see which mini-ute delivers to the max.

​Ford Shelby GT350 Vs. Chevy Camaro SS (video) Throwdown

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Hard days and long nights. Real work. Convincing them is about to get impossible. Who else runs buck wild with two of the ballsiest cars on the face of Planet Earth - on a school day?