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Australia marks the end of an era, exits car-building business

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors closed its last Holden factory in Australia last week, officially bringing to an end nearly a century of Australian automotive manufacturing. The move was far from unexpected, and follows similar pull-outs from both Ford and Toyota last year as carmakers seek out more sustainable production locations.

Holden Builds Its Final Model In Australia, Marks The End Of 69 Years Of Production

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After 69 years of automotive production, Holden marked a somber moment as the last Australian-built model rolled off the assembly line earlier today.

Holden Ends 69-Year Production Run Down Under

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After Ford and Toyota already pulled the plug on Australian production, GM Holden follows suit today. The company will continue to employ about 1,000 direct staff and an additional 6,000 across its 200-strong national dealer network.

The last Holden: GM closes plant, ends Australia auto production

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Australia's near 100-year automotive industry ended on Friday as Holden, a unit of General Motors, closed its plant in South Australia to move manufacturing to cheaper locations. The closure comes a year after Toyota and Ford similarly moved out, eliminating thousands of manufacturing jobs. It adds pressure on the government to help those made redundant find work in a battleground state ahead of a federal election in 18 months.

Holden Boss: ‘We Left No Stone Unturned’ To Keep Manufacturing Operations Open

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Tomorrow, Holden will become a full importer of vehicles as the final Australian-built Commodore rolls off of the assembly line. It marks an end to 69 years of continuous production in the country. Ahead of the announced shutdown in 2013, Holden pulled every lever possible to ensure its factories would continue humming well into the 2020s, but ultimately, the plans fell through after the local government failed to co-invest in the operations alongside General Motors.