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Holden Wants Left-Hand-Drive Chevy Bolt For New Zealand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It turns out that not only Opel in Europe has had troubles in getting the Chevrolet Bolt EV (Ampera-e) to its market, now Holden New Zealand is dying to be able sell one too. Early in the EV’s planning, General Motors decided to develop only the left-hand-drive Bolt EV out of its Orion, Michigan assembly facility, leaving the markets where the wheel is on the wrong side without the ability to acquire the car. So that includes the UK ( is now part of Opel), Japan, Australia and New Zealand (where GM’s Holden operates).

Lamborghini Donates Huracan to Pope Francis for Charity

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Pope Francis has ridden (or not ridden) in a wide variety of "Popemobiles" ranging from a Mercedes M-Class to an Opel Ampera-e (Europe's version of the Chevy Bolt) to a Fiat 500L. Now His Holiness has added another Italian car to his fleet—a custom-built Lamborghini Huracan.

PSA boss Tavares: "strong intention" to keep all plants open

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - PSA boss Carlos Tavares says the predominant UK view of his recent comments on the future of Opel and Vauxhall as good news is “a fair interpretation” of what he believes.   Revealing a comeback plan for the new German and British divisions last week, Tavares appeared very reluctant to forecast forced redundancies or plant closures, and suggested the companies could reach healthy profit targets without a need for higher sales, provided all involved - unions, employees, management and governments - were prepared to participate in the task.

Buick Encore: 2018 Motor Trend SUV of the Year Contender

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We Like: Surprisingly fun to drive. Looks good, tooWe Don’t Like: Bouncy ride; loud, vibration-filled cabinThis might sound crazy, but this pint-sized South Korean–built, Opel-engineered crossover is a compelling vehicle.

Is the Entire Car Industry Really Doomed?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Last week, Bob Lutz—former vice chairman and head of product development at GM, veteran of Ford, Chrysler, BMW & Opel, father of the Dodge Viper, and the automotive world’s most honest man—published a flamethrowing op-ed targeted titled “Kiss The Good Times Goodbye. ” It echoes all the arguments of the Kool-Aid drinking mobility “experts” and everyone in Silicon Valley betting fortunes on the end of human driving as we know it.