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2017 Toyota Prius Prime First Look Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Toyota took the wraps off the 2017 Prius Prime plug-in hybrid at the 2016 New York auto show, and it will be the most advanced Prius yet once it goes on sale in all 50 states in fall 2016. Underpinned by the same TNGA platform as the standard Prius hybrid and the C-HR small crossover, the Prius Prime will be the range-topping variant of the fourth-generation Prius.

2017 Buick Encore First Look Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The best-selling Buick, at over one-third of North-American sales is coincidentally the nation’s best-selling small CUV, so to reward its little trooper, for 2017 the brand has bought it a stem-and-stern fluff-n-buff with a bunch of interior spiffs to boot. It all looks lovely, but even when we squint at this stubby little spud we have trouble appreciating “cues first shown on the award-winning Avenir and Avista concepts,” which design director Holt Ware says informed the design.

Pickup Review: 2016 Nissan Titan XD

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Nissan might have claim to the name Titan but, to be fair, the true titans of the pickup world all hail from Detroit: Ford, GM and Ram make up the top-selling vehicles in Canada. No, not just best-selling pickups, but overall vehicle sales (we do like our pickups).

Vauxhall Astra long-term test review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Even before it started appearing in British showrooms six months ago, the new British-built Vauxhall Astra had already staged one remarkable fightback. Not long before its launch, plans had been laid for the closure of the Ellesmere plant, near Liverpool, that today builds about 30 new-generation Astras an hour and has been making General Motors’ small cars since the original Vauxhall Viva back in 1962.

2015 Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Natural gas may be the fossil fuel of the future, a modern alternate that’s sending chills up and down the spines of the Koch Brothers and their fellow coal mine owners, but so far, oil companies have nothing to worry about. They control US gas stations, after all, and they’re not in any kind of hurry to add compressed natural gas (CNG) pumps.