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The future of Vauxhall: exclusive drive of the GT X Experimental EV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Vauxhall is rolling ever faster towards a future of exciting and very different products, the standard bearer of which is its brand new GT X Experimental electric concept, in which Autocar has had an exclusive first test drive.   This is no ordinary concept.

PSA may still close a UK Vauxhall factory post-Brexit

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Vauxhall may lose one of its two UK manufacturing plants if the market declines after the UK leaves the European Union, according to a report. An unnamed source close to the brand told Bloomberg that the PSA Group, which took ownership of Opel and Vauxhall in 2017, is considering the best response to a potential drop in new car sales post-Brexit.

Opel LCV chief Stoever expects big boost from move to PSA's platforms

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Light commercial vehicles are playing a bigger role at Opel/Vauxhall under PSA ownership and Tobias Stoever, Opel's senior manager for LCVs, expects a move to the French automaker's platforms will give Opel a "big boost," as he explained to...

Vauxhall not ready to kill off VXR just yet

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Vauxhall's high-performance VXR sub-brand isn’t dead just yet, despite the company now focusing its performance efforts on warm, GSI-badged variants. Although plans have yet to be finalised, it could instead be reserved for a new generation of performance-oriented hybrid and electric models, using powertrains made available to Vauxhall since being acquired by the PSA group last year.

Sure, GM Europe Is Gone, but the Automaker Hasn’t Entirely Pulled up Stakes

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors vacated the continent in fine style last year, flushing the Vauxhall and Opel brand to Groupe PSA in a deal worth about 2. 2 billion Euro.