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Ford's Co-Pilot360 Suite; Buick Regal Vs Kia Stinger 999 (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ford announces an all new safety suite for 2020. We compare the newly released test results on our Buick Regal and Kia Stinger also answer viewer questions, and a special question about the Mikes.

Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos of Self-Driving

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Last week, the hilarious Jason Calcanis excerpted a chapter from Angel, a book he wrote about investing in Silicon Valley and about why he passed on Theranos, the blood testing company whose technology was recently revealed to be fraudulent garbage. He explains how investors were tricked and placated by great public relations, and the whole farce wasn't exposed until one skeptic went to a Walgreens to find that the machines didn't work at all.

Experts debate whether we’re ready for self-driving cars

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In the wake of the fatal accident involving a self-driving car, Jim Scheinman, Maven Ventures, and Mary Cummings, Duke University, debate whether this technology as it stands right now is safe for our roads and whether it should continue to be developed.

TourX is Buick's 'way way back' Outback (video included)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - One of my favorite cars is the green 1970 Buick Estate wagon, woodgrain and all, that co-starred in the movie, The Way Way Back. It's a classic America family car so familiar to Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers.

GM Versus Tesla: Bolt EV And Model 3 Battery Packs Compared

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It turns out the Chevrolet Bolt EV battery pack is simpler to assemble than that of the Tesla Model 3, while the Tesla pack is more energy dense by weight. We had an excellent video here recently on InsideEVs: “Watch Chevy Bolt Battery Reassembly.