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Always Watching: Cadillac CT6 Offers 360-Degree Video-Surveillance System

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Electronic ignitions and vehicle-tracking systems make it tougher for thieves to get away with jacking parked cars. Now Cadillac offers automatic surveillance video that triggers the parking cameras if someone gets too close to a new CT6.

Borla Launches Multiple New Exhausts Systems For 2016 Camaro SS Model (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Borla Performance is announcing the launch of their Camaro SS-specific exhaust systems, designed to give the V8-powered muscle car a more throaty voice.

Cadillac CT6 features industry-first surround-view video recording system

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The all-new Cadillac CT6 prestige sedan features bold styling, lightweight design and a host of new technologies, including an industry-first surround-vision video recording system designed to enhance situational awareness and safety for the driver. The CT6 utilizes four of the vehicles’ seven exterior cameras to provide recorded video of the CT6’s surroundings. The cameras are strategically placed without compromising the sculpted exterior — one in each door-mounted rearview mirror, one integrated into the front grille and one mounted on the rear trunk lid.

2016 Camaro SS Puts On A Show During Custom Wheels Shoot

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If the black & white Camaro SS we saw a few months back could easily be associated with a Storm Trooper because of its color scheme, this all-black one definitely makes it easy to keep up the Star Wars references.