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It's Not Just Tech That's Holding Back Autonomous Vehicles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Based on the endless stream of media coverage surrounding self-driving cars, you'd assume our robo-chauffeurs are minutes away from pulling into our driveways. But like any other new technology, you have to parse the possible from the probable, and in the case of AVs—just in sight, but still largely out of reach—the coming reality will be shaped not just by technological forces, but cultural ones.

Opel CEO: We Drove The Ampera-E 259 Miles To Paris Motor Show To Prove Its Real-World Range

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In Elon Musk/Tesla-like fashion, Opel decided to drive the Ampera-E from London to Paris to appear on the stage at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Tesla has staged a similar event before, but this is a first for Opel.

What is Avenir? Meet Buick’s New Flagship Sub-Brand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick Avenir Concept General Motors’s Buick division issued a press release today announcing the creation of a new top-line luxury sub-brand: Avenir. Per Buick spokesperson Arianna Kughn, Avenir will function for Buick much like the Denali sub-brand does for the GMC truck and SUV lineup.

The Cadillac ATS-V's Cooling System Is A Masterpiece Of Engineering

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac gave me an ATS-V for a few days, and I drove the crap out of it. But I also studied it, and was left awe-struck by the cooling system. There are six heat exchangers mounted to the front of the car — three in the center, two outboard, and one even lies flat, flush with the bottom of the car. Here’s how it all works.

Right-hand-drive Chevrolet Corvettes on sale in UK

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - American sports car heads range of converted left-hook-only models now offered by Clive SuttonThe Chevrolet Corvette can now be bought in right-hand-drive guise thanks to a conversion offered by luxury dealership Clive Sutton. Chevrolet only builds its 6.