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Car Sharing Firm Turo Pushes Back and Countersues San Francisco

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Late last month, The Drive broke the news that the City of San Francisco had filed a lawsuit on behalf of the San Francisco International Airport against well known AirBnB of cars, Turo. San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera claimed that the internet-based car sharing company is getting around the airport's permit system and it needs to be charged the same as rental car companies.

I drove a $70,000 Chevy Tahoe RST on a family road trip to put it to the test —here's how it held up

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Chevy Tahoe is a large-and-in-charge American SUV that's a great way to haul around a large family. Our tester was a $70,000-plus special edition, but the base Tahoe is $47,500.

These are the best cars, trucks, and SUVs to buy in 2018

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Consumer Reports released its annual Top Picks list. Ten cars all from different segments of the market were selected based on its performance in road testing, predicted reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction.

Something’s Off With This 2019 Cadillac XT5 Facelift Prototype

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - This is our first look on the 2019 facelift version of the Cadillac XT5 and by any means, it looks just like any other prototype with bits of camo wrap in the usual places, until you notice the big wheels and the chopped rear end. While the exterior shape of the Cadillac XT5 looks like it’s wearing updated front and rear ends with a new bumper and grille combo, the whole stance of the company’s X3 rival indicates that there’s something else going on under the skin.

Nissan Self-Driving Cars Are Ready to Pick up Passengers In Japan

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Nissan is teaming up with tech company DeNA (pronounced "D-N-A") to launch an autonomous ride-sharing pilot program in Japan. Self-driving cars will ferry select members of the public around the city of Yokohama, but only March 5-18.

Car Washes May Cause Problems for Self-Driving Cars, Companies Say

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - From ambiguous regulations to the unpredictable chaos of public roads, self-driving cars face a lot of challenges. But one of the toughest of those challenges just might be automated car washes.

Lincoln Rekindles its Luxury Lineup (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ten years ago analysts were advising Ford to bury its luxury brand Lincoln; the Germans and Japanese had too much of the market they said, plus its U.S. competition, Cadillac, was already in the midst of making a comeback. However, Ford ignored the naysayers and resurrected the brand with new product, new leadership and even reviving some of its historic nameplates to boot. This week on Autoline, we talk with our special guest Kumar Galhotra the head of Lincoln about where the brand is today and where it will be going as we move into the 2020s. Celebrates 23 Years

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It was 23 years ago today that a college student with a passion for pickup trucks purchased an unused domain name and started one of the longest-lasting truck-focused websites in the world. We call it PickupTrucks.