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European car registrations drop in July

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - European car registrations have fallen for the first time in almost three years, according to analysts JATO DynamicsEuropean car registrations fell 2. 3% in July - the first time the market has declined in almost three years, according to automotive business analysts JATO Dynamics.

GM joins White House initiative to address gender pay gap

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors, the first U.S. automaker to have a female CEO, is among more than two dozen companies that added their names to a White House pledge to study gender pay gaps among their employees.

Most Floridians Totally Cool With Using Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Fight Zika

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Although a plan to use genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida to fight the spread of Zika is on hold for now, a new survey says that most residents approve such a tactic. A full 40% of Floridians said they “strongly favor” the release of the mosquitoes, and 20% “somewhat favor” it, according to a recent Annenberg Science Knowledge survey from the folks at the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Floridians are also more likely to approve of the modified skeeters than those in other states, at 60% compared to 50%.

Chevy Bolt EV As Quick As 300HP Dodge Charger From 50-75 MPH

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM is touting linear higher speed power for the Chevrolet Bolt EV – and Opel Ampera-e sibling – and they could prove quite satisfying for drivers wanting more. While not quite in “Ludicrous” league, in a recent press announcement, Opel of Europe said the Ampera-e will accelerate from 50 mph-75 mph (80-120 km/h) in 4.

Updated 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Receives All-New 308HP V6 & 8-Speed Auto

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet's latest major update for the 2017 Colorado is class-exclusive powertrain combination that's meant to "reignite" the midsize truck segment, according to the automaker.

2017 Chevrolet Spark first drive

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The 2017 Chevrolet Spark is both the smallest and the least expensive car sold by Chevy in North America. The Korean-made hatchback minicar isn't among the brand's top sellers—those would be its full-size pickup trucks and the Equinox compact crossover—but the previous generation found more than 30,000 buyers last year.

Texas Jury Finds in GM’s Favor on Ignition Switch Case

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM captured a significant legal victory as a Texas jury tossed out a case that claimed a defective ignition switch was the root cause of a fatal accident that killed one motorist.