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Tesla Model 3 Will Be Capped At 75 kWh, For Now, And Have More Range Than Chevy Bolt

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Okay, we’ll admit that we’re not 100 percent, absolutely certain that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will have more range than the all-electric Chevy Bolt EV. Still, sometimes you have to be willing to do just the simplest of tea-leaf reading and see what Tesla CEO Elon Musk is saying.

This Bloomberg story on auto-parts plants in the South is horrifying

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Make no mistake about it, working in an auto factory can be extremely dangerous. A new Bloomberg Businessweek story by Peter Waldman focuses on just how dangerous, and even deadly, a job in a car-parts plant is – especially in the US South.

Eastern Promises: ‘Buick Volt’ Ready to Tempt Chinese Greenies

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Badge-engineered bliss awaits environmentally conscious General Motors buyers in China. Announced today, the Buick Velite 5 range-extended electric vehicle will soon launch in the car-hungry marketplace, but Americans might recognize it as something else.

2 Millionth Duramax Diesel Engine Rolls off the Line

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors, DMAX Ltd., and I.U.E.-CWA Local 755 employees today celebrated the build of the 2 millionth Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel engine. Groundbreaking for the new DMAX plant began in 1998, with the first engine rolling off the line July 17, 2000. Since then, Duramax engines have won multiple awards and built a reputation for impressive power and durability. Today, DMAX makes the Duramax diesel engines for heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks. Duramax engines also power some Navistar commercial trucks, Gale Banks vehicles and even marine applications.

GM Duramax Turbo-Diesel Hits Milestone

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It's not often that a production facility makes 2 million of anything, but the Duramax turbo-diesel engine plant in Moraine, Ohio just hit that milestone today. Groundbreaking at the plant started in 1998, with the first completed engine rolling off the assembly line on July 17, 2000 - that's an average of almost 120,000 engines made each year.