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First Drive: Roomier and peppier, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse brings dignified third-row access to the masses

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Buyers who have switched from driving a minivan to an SUV already know this: There aren’t many 3-row SUVs that can accommodate full-grown adult passengers in the rearmost seating area. First there’s the long, arduous hike back there to test one’s gymnastic mettle. Then, once seated, there’s the question of where to put one’s knees other than resting your chin on them. The redesigned 2018 Chevrolet Traverse, however, is one of the few that allows aft denizens to retain some semblance of dignity during this perilous passage.

Could The Jeep Brand Cross The Ocean For A New Home In China?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Nearly 30 years after Chrysler bought the Jeep brand from American Motors Corporation, the seminal SUV brand could be switching hands and continents: Chinese carmaker Great Wall says it plans to acquire Jeep from Fiat Chrysler.  A rep for Great Wall confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to pursue Jeep, but couldn’t confirm if the company had put in an offer for the brand, or if it just was preparing to do so. Meanwhile, FCA said Monday that it had not yet been approached by Great Wall related to a deal for Jeep or any of its other brands.

Awkward: GM may get into the ridesharing game, despite partnerships with Lyft & Uber

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In January 2016, General Motors announced a major partnership with Lyft–like, $500 million major. Before the year was through, GM had revealed that it was developing a fleet of self-driving taxis with Lyft; that it would rent cars to wannabe Lyft drivers on the cheap; and, weirdly, that it would do the same for would-be drivers at Lyft's biggest.

Chevy Bolt EV: looking at electric car's long-term challenges

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The electric car that became the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV reset industry norms overnight when it was unveiled as a concept car at the 2015 Detroit auto show. The most important parts wasn't the car's shape, or its interior space, or hatchback configuration: it was the combination of price (below $40,000 before incentives) and range (200 miles or.

Electric Avenue: Long-Distance Driving in a Chevy Bolt

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - There’s plenty of evidence to suggest electricity will be powering multiple forms of motorsport in 2018. Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW will all be represented in the upcoming season of Formula E, with Porsche having left the hallowed grounds of Le Mans to do so.

3 Stocks Wall Street Hates That You Should Buy Now

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you were lucky enough to have a cash pile to pour into stocks after the Great Recession ended, you're sitting pretty. It's been a phenomenal run, as the current bull market turned eight years old this spring. We boasted about Dow 20,000 in January only to blow past 21,000 a month later and briefly top 22,000 in early August.