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Thise 1967 GMC Fleetside Has the Right Look Thanks to Subtle Updates and a Cool Stance

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When you think of the age-old phrase “like a kid in a candy store” it’s easy to place it in a million different perspectives, depending on what the subject matter might be. For Howard Smith of Dover, Pennsylvania, it certainly applies to his youth growing up since in the ’50s-’60s his family lived only 1 1/2 miles from the legendary York US30 Dragway.

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible First Drive: An American Bad-Ass Goes Topless

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Have you ever wanted to pilot your very own F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft? The multirole jet boasts insane speed, precision handling, and a price tag that only professional baseball pitchers could afford.

Tesla Model 3 Will Be Capped At 75 kWh, For Now, And Have More Range Than Chevy Bolt

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Okay, we’ll admit that we’re not 100 percent, absolutely certain that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will have more range than the all-electric Chevy Bolt EV. Still, sometimes you have to be willing to do just the simplest of tea-leaf reading and see what Tesla CEO Elon Musk is saying.

This Bloomberg story on auto-parts plants in the South is horrifying

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Make no mistake about it, working in an auto factory can be extremely dangerous. A new Bloomberg Businessweek story by Peter Waldman focuses on just how dangerous, and even deadly, a job in a car-parts plant is – especially in the US South.

Eastern Promises: ‘Buick Volt’ Ready to Tempt Chinese Greenies

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Badge-engineered bliss awaits environmentally conscious General Motors buyers in China. Announced today, the Buick Velite 5 range-extended electric vehicle will soon launch in the car-hungry marketplace, but Americans might recognize it as something else.