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Cadillac Doubles Down On Sedans, Confirms The 2020 CT4 Will Arrive This Year

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac just unveiled a brand new sedan, the 2020 Cadillac CT5. Cadillac made it clear that the CT5 would serve as a replacement for both the CTS and the ATS in their lineup.

Cadillac’s Second Sedan Shoe Drops This Year, and It Has a Name

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Not giving up on a segment many Americans have already crossed off their shopping list, Cadillac debuted its strategically placed CT5 sedan this week, sparking no shortage of debate as to its aesthetic attributes.

Uber, Lyft Drive Straight Into Debt Mountain

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In this episode of MarketFoolery, host Chris Hill and analyst Seth Jayson take a look at some of the market's biggest news. Overstock  falls again after more disappointing earnings, and the long-term picture looks pretty bleak.

Lordstown residents hold out hope that GM plant will reopen as Trump calls for action

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - President Trump is loudly calling for the reopening of a shuttered General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio. CNBC's Frank Holland reports from Lordstown.