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Barra the 'extra oomph' that changed GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Mary Barra wasn't just a politically correct choice for General Motors CEO, says Dan Akerson. She was "far and away the best choice for the job at the time." He offers advice for companies that want to eliminate the glass ceiling.

3 Unusual Energy and Industrials Stocks for Your Radar

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The energy and industrials sector is hugely varied in the kinds and sizes of companies it contains, and it's bursting with investment opportunities, if you know where to look. In this week's Energy episode of Industry Focus, three Motley Fool energy writers share one of their favorite stocks in the sector and explain why they're so exciting for the long term. Listen in to find out why auto giant General Motors  are three companies you might want to have on your radar, the most important risks and concerns you need to know about them before investing, and more.

Mecum Set to Auction Two Beautifully Restored 1969 Camaro ZL1s

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Finding a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is like hitting the jackpot, but getting your hands on two is pretty much unfathomable until now. According to Mecum Auctions, a pair of 1969 Camaro ZL1s will be auctioned off on January 11th, 2018 in Kissimmee, Florida.

3 Dividend Stocks Ideal for Your Golden Years

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Many retirees are putting their money to work in the stock market in order to generate income. We Fools think that's a fine decision, so long as they're picky with their stock selections. Which income stocks do we think are a good choice for conservative investors to buy today?

Electric Warriors: Benz and BMW Take on the Future – The Big Picture

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Vast and loud and colorful, the Frankfurt Motor Show displayed the swaggering might of the German auto industry. But although there were plenty of interesting and significant production vehicles making their debuts across the sprawling Frankfurt Messe complex, the buzz was all about all the hybrids and electric vehicles we’ll all be driving in the next five years.

Opel To Dealers: Stop Selling The Ampera-E, We Have Too Many Orders

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Opel Ampera-e (aka the Chevrolet Bolt EV in North America) is one of the best electric vehicle values to be found on the European market today... but the availability of the inexpensive, long range EV (383 km/238 miles real world/EPA range) in the region has been nothing short of depressing.