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Volvo Adds Native Spotify Support to Its Product Line Globally

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Attention Spotifans! Volvo has announced that it will be the first manufacturer to globally integrate the Spotify music-streaming app in its products, starting this spring with the XC90, S90, and V90.

GM Considers Four-Door Buick Avista Coupe

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If Buick’s glamorous Avista concept is approved for production, it will be as a four-door coupe. That’s the hot tip from insiders who confirm a model of a four-door Avista exists inside GM’s design studios in Warren, Mich.

Takata May Quadruple Airbag Recall, Financial Outlook In Danger

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It’s fast becoming DEFCON 1 at Takata, which may have to quadruple its recalls of shrapnel-shooting airbag inflators.Anonymous former Takata employees told Reuters that as many as 285 million Takata inflators with ammonium nitrate—the cheaper propellant Takata switched to in 1999 and kept using, despite repeated safety concerns by its own engineers—could be affected.

Connected cars are a preview to something much bigger than the car

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The automotive establishment has taken a deep dive into the digital world. We're now hearing about carmaker giants like GM, Ford, and BMW laying large amounts of money on connected car technology.

I Wanna Be Your Sledgehammer: Callaway Announces 610-hp Camaro

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When Callaway was working on its C7 program, ultimately resulting in a 627-hp Corvette Stingray and a 757-horse Z06, the venerable tuning company had an eye on Chevy’s next car powered by the LT-series small block: the Camaro. And now they’ve loosed the bindings on their version of the sixth-generation of GM’s long-running coupe.

Tesla fights back against anti-store bill 'authored and pushed' by GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Tesla Motors has sent a letter asking supporters in Indiana to call their lawmakers to vote against a bill 'pushed' by GM that would prevent Tesla sales.

10 Best Rides as a Passenger

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Whether you hitch a ride in something yellow by raising a hand in the air, summon a ride with a fuzzy moustache with a few taps on your smartphone, or arrange a car through a hotel’s concierge, you’re likely to see a few familiar faces when you turn to the transportation industry. We’re not talking about drivers.

Recall Alert: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, 2015 GMC Canyon

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A poor electrical connection within the steering gear connector may cause loss of power steering assist, resulting the loss of control and increased risk of a crash. Approximately 3,000 model-year 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickups manufactured from January 6, 2015, to March 17, 2015, and 2015 GMC Canyon pickups manufactured from January 6, 2015, to March 19, 2015.

Mercedes To Make Executives Drive Plug-In Hybrids Or Electric Cars

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As Mercedes-Benz launches a barrage of plug-in electric cars, parent company Daimler is getting executives to practice what they preach. In the near future, executives at Daimler's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, will be required to choose either electric cars or plug-in hybrids as their company cars.