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Volkswagen could green-light BUDD-e concept for production

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As part of its not-so-secret push to emphasize electric vehicles and hybrids over diesels, Volkswagen might end up putting the BUDD-e into production. In an interview with Car magazine, Dr. Volkmar Tannenberger, VW’s head of electrical and powertrain development, predicts there’s a good chance the BUDD-e – if not a vehicle inspired by the electric mini-minivan – will make it into production.

Tesla Vs Michigan Heats Up: Dealership Application, Conservative Coalition, Even A Ballot Push

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Electric-car maker Tesla Motors is the fourth-largest US car maker, but its home in California's Silicon Valley is far from the heartland Detroit base of GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler. In Michigan, Tesla is banned by law from selling cars directly to buyers, and from opening Tesla Store retail locations.

Mini Vehicles Still A Big Pain In Japan, Drag Down January Registrations

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The new year did not bring a change to the current downtrend in Japanese auto sales. Registrations across all segments were found down 4.6%, once data reported by various industry associations were consolidated. Again, the market was dragged down by continued weakness among a Japanese peculiarity, mini vehicles.

GM lines up urban mobility deals, while Ford experiments 'everywhere'

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM and its competitors are determined to get on board with changes in technology and demographics that are bringing people back to cities and thrusting car-sharing and ride-sharing into the mainstream. The question is how.