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First drive: Chevy's 415bhp SS saloon

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Yes, it’s another version of the car that GM sells across three continents. It’s known as the VXR8 GTS here in the UK, the Commodore in Oz and the SS in the US of A. They are not exactly the same car in each territory; the UK and Australia getting supercharged LSA V8s while the US cars rub along with the normally aspirated, lower-powered LS3 motor. But other than a broad spray of detail changes they all ride on the same platform.

Corvette Z06 vs Mustang GT350R vs Viper ACR

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We are still steaming around the big track at The Thermal Club in search of answers in three of the most sought-after and spectacular cars on sale – or nearly on sale – in the US: Chevy’s techno tour de force, the Corvette Stingray Z06, wearing the de rigueur Z07 upgrade package; the all-conquering Dodge Viper ACR, fresh from setting more than 10 outright lap records at circuits around the US; and the king muscle car of the year, the mind-warpingly awesome and hand-built Mustang Shelby GT350R.

People are paying big bucks for Uber decals and Lyft mustaches on eBay

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - There's money to be made selling an Uber decal or Lyft mustache, as long as you don't need them to make money on as a driver for either company. The insignia are a sort of trade dress for the burgeoning ride-hailing industry.

Cadillac Unveils “Don’t You Dare” Campaign During 88th Academy Awards

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac today revealed the next chapter of “Dare Greatly,” the brand’s rallying cry for reinvention, with four new commercials airing during the 88th Academy Awards. The powerful new directive, titled “Don’t You Dare,” reflects the brand’s evolution as it continues to expand, elevate, and innovate with new products.

HD Pickups Most Likely to Hit 200,000 Miles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - People choose large pickup trucks or SUVs for specific reasons such as hauling, towing or moving lots of people and gear. But there may be another reason to invest in these vehicles, which could save you a good chunk of money in the long run.

Cadillac Shows Off New Vehicles As It Boosts Brand In 2nd Oscars Sponsorship

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is coming back to The Oscars to evolve its brand, grabbing the official automotive sponsorship of the 88th Academy Awards just as it did the 87th. But this time General Motors' luxury marque is backing up its one-year-old "Dare Greatly" slogan with two new vehicles that represent what the brand has been talking about.

Why Cadillacs Might Be the Only Cars You See on Oscar Night

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is coming back to the Oscars Sunday night in a big way, airing four new commercials that will account for four minutes of ad time on the ABC broadcast. And the GM brand -- which holds exclusive vehicle advertising rights during the broadcast, according to the brand -- has arranged for some of the attending celebrities to be dropped off in Cadillacs.