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Interview: Chevrolet’s Camaro Chief on Track Simulation Models, Mustang Rivalry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Al Oppenheiser serves as General Motors’ chief engineer for global rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and he’s been having a very good year. We ranked him fourth in our annual Power List, and we named his freshly minted Camaro our Car of the Year, proclaiming that it had graduated from the perpetual ponycar wars and was ready to take on Bavaria’s best.

Citroen’s DS E-Tense Revealed Ahead of Geneva

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - French cars have been absent from the US market for decades, but they’re gradually making their way to our headlines, as the three major manufacturers begin to create cars that pique our interest. Now, a new concept from Citroen makes us ache for the return of the trademark French weirdness to our shores.

20 Quickest Crossovers and SUVs Motor Trend has Tested

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - With crossovers/SUVs becoming ever more dominant in the automotive landscape, it was only a matter of time until they became more capable on- and off-road. Motor Trend tests hundreds of vehicles every year and among them are a select few crossovers/SUVs that stand apart for straight-line performance that can rival some sports cars.