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Has Ford Been Overshadowed by Peers on the Mobility Landscape?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - While Ford CEO Mark Fields has warned about demand for mobility services changing the automotive landscape, Ford Motor Co. has been much less visible than peers on forging deals with Silicon Valley partners.

Tech and Auto Industry Giants Begin Taking Sides in Uber and Lyft’s Arch-Rivalry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Self-driving technology is coming along much more quickly than many of us expected, and big automakers are doing anything but trying to squash the nascent technology from moving forward. In fact, in many instances they're leading the way.

Child Car Heatstroke Deaths Surge; New Tech Could Help

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A Mississippi father is facing charges of second-degree murder after leaving his infant child in an overheated car where it succumbed to heatstroke. But the death of eight-month-old Shania Caradine was far from a rare occurrence. So far, at least 12 children have reportedly died from heatstroke after being left in hot cars by their caregivers – a 240% increase from this time a year ago.

GM Debuts New “Rear Seat Reminder” Feature In Battle Against Hot Car Deaths

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Every summer we find ourselves hearing about children who have died after being left behind in hot cars, and it’s no different this year: 12 kids have died from heatstroke in cars, safety advocates say. In an effort to prevent those deaths, GM has unveiled a new feature that will let drivers know when someone has been left behind in the car. The new feature will be intruded on the 2017 GMC Acadia, and works like a seat belt reminder: a warning tone sounds and alerts drivers to “Look In Rear Seat,” with a message flashing in the center of the vehicle’s speedometer.

Racetrack and car condos opening in Detroit area

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The country club racetrack phenomenon continues to grow and this time it is in the heart of car country: Pontiac, Michigan. Opening this summer is the new M1 Concourse. Built on 87 acres of land off Woodward Avenue, M1 Concourse intends to be a center for automotive enthusiasts, with a 1.5-mile racetrack, a 2.5-acre skidpad, event space, and eventually up to 250 car condos.

GM Hiring 700 Autonomous Tech Engineers in Canada

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In an effort to expand its autonomous vehicle efforts, General Motors is bringing more than 700 engineering jobs to Ontario, Canada, over the next few years. Those additional positions will bring the number of engineering jobs in the region to 1,000, requiring a new facility.