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22 successful women-led companies that prove there's much more to business than profits

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Mary Barra is the first woman to ascend to CEO at a major global automaker. The job caps a career spent at General Motors — a career that has seen the largest car company in the US endure a government bailout and subsequent bankruptcy, a return to its market-leading position, and a costly recall scandal that hit as soon as Barra became chief executive. Barra's highest priority as GM CEO has been to keep the 100-plus-year-old industrial giant from being blindsided by the technological disruption currently sweeping through the industry.

2017 Cadillac ATS and CTS Key Refinements: Appearance, Technology and Streamlined Trim Levels

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac’s ATS and CTS product lines receive key refinements for 2017, including new, more streamlined trim levels that further emphasize the cars’ class-leading driving dynamics. Renamed for consistency across the Cadillac showroom, the new trim levels for Cadillac ATS sedans and coupes – ATS, Luxury, Premium Luxury and Premium Performance – and Cadillac CTS sedans – CTS, Luxury, Premium Luxury, V-Sport and V-Sport Premium – move ATS and CTS more in line with two recently launched Cadillac entries, the first-ever Cadillac CT6 prestige sedan and first-ever Cadillac XT5 luxury crossover.

For $8,900, This Low Mileage 1992 Cadillac Allante Could Be An Unfulfilled Dream Fulfilled

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac claimed their Allante had the world’s longest production line, stretching 3,300 miles from Italy to Detroit.

Holden Astra VXR Review (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Sometimes good cars can get tainted by bad politics. The Holden, Opel, Holden Astra VXR may be one of those cars but it would be foolish to rule this hot hatch out of contention simply because of its recent past. This VXR is a loveable rogue that offers just as much beauty as it does brawn.

Brexit could harm UK car industry growth

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - New figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show the UK’s car industry grew profits by 7. 3% and added 17,000 new jobs last year, revealing the strength of Britain’s industry before the EU referendum vote.

2016 Cadillac CT6: Car Seat Check

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The all-new 2016 Cadillac CT6 is a nearly full-size sedan that wraps its passengers in luxury and caters to families with a roomy backseat featuring 40.4 inches of legroom. That's plenty of space for big rear-facing car seats or gangly teenage legs. The five-seat CT6 performed well in our Car Seat Check except in the booster seat category. We tested the Luxury trim with leather seats.

Upright Karl shows simpler is better

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Everything has become so complicated now. We used to use buttons, now we swipe, pinch and tap. We used to drink coffee, now it’s orange mocha frappacinos. We used to have two channels, now it takes me three hours just to figure out what’s new on Netflix.

Opel’s Adam Rocks the mini market

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Its quite appropriate that a car named Adam is so sought after by women. And it seems it is more than just the name and looks that has made the stylish Adam, that was introduced to South African consumers at the beginning of last year, being named the 2015 Women’s Car of the Year Awards for best car in the hatchback category. It has also averaged impressive sales in excess of 120 units a month.