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Conservative Looks of 1966 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30 Hide True Dragstrip Terror Nature

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The trip down to see Hugh Mitchell’s 1966 4-4-2 W-30 in his hometown of Hazard, Kentucky, was a bit of a chuckler. Suspecting that the town might have been an inspiration for the popular TV show featuring Bo and Luke Duke from Hazzard County (which turned out to be true), a special effort was made to keep an eye out for 1969 Chargers jumping through buildings or over small rivers.

Old-School Cool 1958 Chevy Shortbed Fleetside

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It’s been 59 years since this 1958 Chevy first rolled off the assembly line, if indeed it really is a 1958-year model. An argument starter for sure, take a look at the Apache 3100 emblems on the side of the front fenders and they are from a 1959.

A new study finally tells car owners whether traditional or synthetic oil is better

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you're a good car owner and follow a reasonable maintenance schedule, you likely change your oil at least twice a year. Really scrupulous drivers do it more often, using the traditional "every 3,000 miles" rule.

Which Subcompact SUVs Have the Most Cargo Room?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We’ve seen more than a few SUVs that seemed to forget that the “U” stands for Utility. Cargo space is especially important in subcompact SUVs, where the engineers are challenged to provide as much luggage space as possible in a small, city-friendly, easy-to-park package.

Chevy Equinox: All Turbo All the Time

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Test Drive Consumers associate turbochargers with high output, and Chevy is counting on the new Equinox engine lineup to be a competitive advantage: It’s the only midsize CUV offered with nothing but forced induction.