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Seeking Global Domination, Nissan Hunts New Markets for the Leaf

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After becoming something close to a joke over the past couple of years, the once-groundbreaking Nissan Leaf enters 2018 with a new skin, larger battery, and enhanced range. Next year brings an optional battery upgrade, finally giving the five-door EV a range capable of challenging Tesla and General Motors.

Why General Motors Could Be Leaving Korea for Good

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In recent years, General Motors has posted consistently strong profits in its two largest markets: North America and China. However it has struggled in the rest of the world. As a result, management has moved aggressively since 2015 to exit markets where there was no clear path to sustainable profitability.

Opel Will Build an EV Version of its Best-Selling Model

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - French car conglomerate PSA’s newest asset Opel is taking a step forward in electric cars. It's taking its best-selling model, the Corsa subcompact hatchback, and creating an EV version of it.

Retired Steel Worker Wins ’63 Split-Window and New 800-HP Corvette

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - On January 17, 2018, John Williamson received a phone call telling him that he won the 2017 Corvette Dream Giveaway. “When I learned that I had won, I was shocked,” he said.

Brexit shock begins to hit the UK car industry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Brexit shock has begun to hit the UK's car industry as Vauxhall starts to cut its workforce and Jaguar Land Rover readies production curbs. But for some industry observers, there is worse to come.

Can Johan de Nysschen make Cadillac great again (in the U.S.)?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Johan de Nysschen came to Cadillac — where he is president, responsible for the GM brand around the world — in 2014. He had been president of Infiniti from 2012 to 2014.