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Meet Tesla’s Model 3, Its Long-Awaited Car for the Masses

Posted By Charlie on Articles - The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is finally here. It is sleek, quick as hell, and meant for the masses. And it is the most important car the company will ever build. The Model 3 is the car Tesla Motors has promised since the company’s founding, the car that CEO Elon Musk is convinced will push EVs into the mainstream and the technology to an inflection point. Not to put too fine a point on it, it is the car Musk believes will change the world.

Why GM’s Reinvention of Saab Failed

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Believe it or not, Saab still exists. The once-proud automaker with its reputation for building some of the most unique and innovative cars in the world now lies in a state of bureaucratic life support, a victim of half a decade’s worth of money woes, failed ownerships and a succession of bankruptcy proceedings. It’s not currently making cars, nor is it really a Swedish company anymore.

GM unveils Powertrain Performance and Racing Center

Posted By Charlie on Articles - When it comes to motorsports success, Chevrolet’s history speaks for itself. In 2015 alone, Chevy brought home 11 championships, including six manufacturer titles and five driver championships across five series. The Bowtie won in NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, United SportsCar Championship and Pirelli World Challenge. That’s a lot of hardware, and Chevy needed someplace to put it all. So it’s a happy coincidence that in February, General Motors opened its new Powertrain Performance and Racing Center in Pontiac, Michigan.

"Bandit" Trans Am resurrected

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Trans Am Worldwide, the Tallahassee-based outfit that turns fifth-generation Chevy Camaros into modern interpretations of their historic Pontiac Firebird twins, has unveiled a tribute to the car that starred in the 1977 film “Smokey and the Bandit.” The Bandit Edition is a Camaro SS that’s been redesigned with the Trans Am’s signature split grille, quad square headlights, ground effects, and a massive rear lip spoiler. Snowflake wheels, a black and gold paint job, a “Screaming Chicken” decal on the hood, and T-Tops complete the iconic look.

Chevy gets down and dirty in Bangkok with Colorado Xtreme

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Most of the automotive world's attention is focused on New York, but there's also another international auto show going on right now. The Bangkok Motor Show is the host of the new Chevy Colorado Xtreme, a tough, off-road-ready Colorado show truck.

GM, Magic Leap CEOs Headline WIRED Business Conference 2016

Posted By Charlie on Articles - We've just revealed the first round of speakers at our annual WIRED Business Conference. You're probably going to want to hear what they have to say. As we reported in our February cover story, GM CEO Mary Barra has led the century-old automaker’s push to build the world’s first truly affordable, long-range electric car, the Chevy Bolt EV. We’ll be looking to hear from her about how Detroit beat Silicon Valley to create the future of getting from here to there.

First Impressions: 2016 Buick Cascada

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Few things can enhance your mood as much as a top-down drive on a sunny day or moonlit night. But the convertible market has recently been pretty glum, with slim pickings for buyers seeking an affordable four-seat convertible. Just in time for spring, American convertible lovers get a gift from, of all places, Germany: the 2016 Buick Cascada.

General Motors Paid Over $1 Billion For Self-Driving Startup Cruise

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Every carmaker is racing to building driverless tech — and General Motors just opened its wallet wide to get there. The company spent over $1 billion for its acquisition of the startup Cruise Automation. A hefty sum for driverless tech.