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The NASCAR next door, Chevy SS

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The green flag flew over a new NASCAR season Sunday, unleashing 40 bellowing, V-8-powered Toyota Camrys, Ford Fusions and Chevy SSs on the high bankings of Daytona International Speedway. Just feet away from the starter’s stand, I felt the ground shake. The eight-cylinder tremor rattled my rib cage, shook my fillings, tingled my ear drums. It was glorious. But if you want to drive a V-8 on the street, you won’t find it in a Camry or Fusion. The Camry and Fusion NASCARS are FWD pretenders. Only the V-8-powered Chevy SS is the real deal.       

New Mercedes E-Class All Terrain Set To Launch In October

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Mercedes-Benz C-Class range is not the only family enjoying an increasing number of members with reports indicating that the new E-Class Estate will be offered with an All Terrain model, set to be revealed in October.

Tesla Tells Owners That GM Wrote A Bill To Stop Them From Selling Cars In Indiana

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Tesla’s usual back and forth drama about its no-dealership/direct sales model has taken a turn as the company claims that General Motors specifically is out to quash their business.

Stewart-Haas move to Ford could be shock wave for NASCAR

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Is this April Fool’s Day? That was the first reaction of many people in the NASCAR community Wednesday morning when the out-of-nowhere stunning news of Stewart-Haas Racing’s move from Chevrolet to Ford in 2017 suddenly dropped. After all, there are so many unlikely elements of this story that it seems more like a prank than a news item.

Saving on the Road: The new Astra Sports Tourer with Class-Leading Total Cost of Ownership

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Just like the Astra five-door, the new Astra Sports Tourer is setting new standards in the compact class thanks to the lightweight construction, comprehensive assistance systems and the powerful new generation engines. Every component targets efficiency without compromise. This results in the compact station wagon impressing with its outstanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Thanks to reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs along with improved value stability, the new Astra Sports Tourer cruises to a leading position in TCO comparisons with its direct competition.

One Of The Most Technically Influential Cars Was This Stillborn Chevy Nobody Remembers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you were to get up right now, run into a parking lot, and sit on the hood of the first car you find and start bouncing up and down, chances are good that the suspension setup bouncing your ass there is MacPherson strut setup.