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GM Duramax Turbo-Diesel Hits Milestone

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It's not often that a production facility makes 2 million of anything, but the Duramax turbo-diesel engine plant in Moraine, Ohio just hit that milestone today. Groundbreaking at the plant started in 1998, with the first completed engine rolling off the assembly line on July 17, 2000 - that's an average of almost 120,000 engines made each year.

GM, Buick to launch plug-ins, electric cars in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick announces it will soon launch the Velite 5 extended-range electric vehicle in China. The Velite 5 has an electric motor drive unit, a 1.5-liter engine and a liquid-cooled lithium battery pack. The electric-only driving range is estimated at more than 100 kilometers or 62 miles. In extended-range mode with the engine, the Velite 5 has a driving range of more than 750 kilometers or 466 miles, GM says. In the United States, GM sells the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with range extension.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox first drive: A strong third act

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Chevrolet Equinox's revitalization has been long overdue. Compact crossovers are all the rage in America's driveways and Chevy's entry had been out of touch for a few years.

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport 2.0 Turbo 4x4 2017 review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Range-topping Insignia hatchback gets four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox to go with its conspicuously well-turned stylingHaving sampled the entry-level diesel Insignia Grand Sport, we move straight on to the most expensive petrol-driven version, the 2. 0-litre 4x4 Turbo, which is sold exclusively in range-topping Elite Nav trim.

Chevrolet Volt Hacked To Allow Steering Wheel To Control Mario Kart (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Categorize this one as just way too cool. This Chevrolet Volt has been “hacked” to allow the steering wheel to control Mario Kart.

Tesla Model S 60 and 60D killed off due to low sales

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The 60 and 60D variants of the Tesla Model S have been taken off sale less than a year after they were introduced, due to a lack of demand. Sales of the 60, the £66,935 entry-level version of electric four-door hatchback, have been consistently beaten by the 75, which is one step up in the Model S range.