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Lyft Gets The Go-Ahead To Test Autonomous Cars In California

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Lyft has become the latest company to be granted the green light to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. The ride-hailing company hasn’t specified exactly when it intends to put the self-driving permit to use but the news comes about four months after Lyft said it will start to create its own autonomous technology.

Here’s the Cure for Creaking C4 Corvettes: Vette2Vette’s C4 No Flex Kit

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The C4 No Flex kit from Vette2Vette looks simple enough that an offshore knock-off artist could reproduce a reasonable facsimile, but a counterfeit kit couldn’t be installed as easy, or work as well. An observation we formed after this installation was completed and the car road tested.

Hot-Hatch Showdown! Ford Focus RS vs. Honda Civic Type R

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Making power is but one variable in going fast. The upper echelon of performance—occupied by the mega-output Germans, big-muscled Corvettes and Hellcats, and, of course, Italian exotica—now depends on automatic transmissions, launch control, track-bred tires, and often all-wheel drive to generate stupefying performance.

Callaway Corvette GT3-R Returns Victoriously Home To America

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Like the Corvettes it has earned its reputation modifying, Callaway is all-American. Its latest creation went straight for Europe, but now it's returning Stateside, trophy in hand.

GM’s Baojun E100 Surges To 1,700 Sales In China For October

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Earlier this year GM, through its joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling, introduced its all-electric, two-seat, Baojun E100; a model that has now found sales success. It seems that lowering pricing to the no brainer level of RMB 35,800 (~US $5,300) after subsidies, is the way to best crack the Chinese market.