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All-new Cadillac CT6 helps move the brand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac’s CT6 is new for this year, and it seems to check off many of the boxes on what a large luxury sedan should be. It’s larger yet very sleek-looking from the outside. It has that luxury sedan look, with a long hood and body, but still a shorter rear end when viewed from the side. The front end has a large grill and wraparound headlights that extend farther back on the hood. This is one of the first big Cadillacs whose styling I dig. It’s a bit flashy without being over the top.

Uber and Google's Larry Page are just a few interested in vertical take-off jets

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Uber wants to take your commute to the skies. Uber is interested in using small planes that can vertically take off for short-haul trips within cities, Uber's head of products Jeff Holden recently told Recode.

I Took A Cadillac ATS-V Camping And It Went Great

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - I just put more than 1,000 miles on a Cadillac ATS-V , driving in a spirited fashion (read: ripping burnouts) around Michigan’s upper peninsula, and maybe off-roading in the forest a little bit.

Long After Next-Gen Gasoline Sibling Launches, Next-Gen Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Previewed Ahead of Paris Motor Show

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Back in July 2014, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the next-generation Smart ForTwo microcar, the diminutive car’s third incarnation since its market debut in 1998 as a two-seat urban runabout for cramped, congested European cities like London, Paris and Milan. Redesigned from the ground up, the new car was based on a brand-new platform jointly developed by Daimler and Renault and at launch, much was made about its all-new three-cylinder engines and choice of either automatic or manual transmission.

Uber Now Selling Physical Gift Cards In Stores

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Following in the footsteps (or the wheel tracks, as it were) of Lyft, Uber will now also sell physical gift cards in stores. Starting today, Uber customers can buy gift cards at Walmart stores nationwide, the company announced (as well as online at uber. com/gift-cards).

Paris Motor Show To Feature Diesel-Free and Tesla-Competitive Electric Cars

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - While the biennial Paris Motor Show scheduled to start four days from now was previously known as a showcase for high-performance diesel cars from French automakers, electric cars will be the recurring theme at this year’s event. Some of that comes from concern by German automakers that Tesla will be able to dominate the luxury electric car space.

Renault-Nissan Heads to the Cloud With Microsoft Partnership

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The ongoing deals between automakers and tech companies continued today with the Renault-Nissan Alliance inking a partnership with Microsoft Corp. Microsoft agreed to provide its Azure cloud platform for cars made by Nissan and Renault as the automaker pushes forward with developing connected and self-driving vehicles.