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Ford adding four new SUVs by 2020

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ford is planning some serious updates to its SUV lineup. It’s no secret the crossover and SUV segment is growing exponentially – Ford definitley sees it, predicting both aging baby boomers and millennials will keep demand strong.

Toronto 2016: GMC Acadia offers Canadians new features, styling for 2017

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors hosted the Canadian premiere of the redesigned 2017 GMC Acadia on February 11th at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Take a look.

Concept Cars at the Toronto Auto Show

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Concept cars are sure to drawn in crowds at the Toronto auto show, even if many of them come from foreign lands and had their original debuts a while back. But Toronto has scored a couple of coups this year, including one outrageous concept that was created right here in Canada and another that made its first ever auto show debut.